English Rose

Some of you may know I also work as a food stylist and home economist for various production companies. Last week I had a great time styling for a commercial for England woman RFU. They wanted a rose which matched the logo for English Rugby. After many phone calls and visits to garden centres I found the perfect match at Spring Reach Nursery.

Ruby Anniversary Rosa could have been the inspiration for the logo.  I spent a day creating for camera, a rose growing over 16 years. I now have another official title of Rose Wrangler.

Here are a few photos and a link to the advert here. x


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Helen & Daniel – Red Roses

Being recommended by a past client is always very flattering. Helen called me after seeing the flowers I made for her sisters wedding. She wanted red roses plain and simple for her bouquet. Nothing plain about them though. I used Grand Prix Roses which are blood red and very classic.

My daughter Lola helped me set the wedding up and played a very important role in the pinning of the groomsmen. If possible, I am always at the church armed with the buttonholes to personally pin the groom and groomsmen, making sure the buttonholes are on correctly for the photographs.

Their photographer very kindly sent me a photo of Lola too.

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